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The best way to select a carpet cleaning service in Rochester, NY is to start by asking questions, especially if it is the first time you have used a professional carpet cleaning service. If the service can answer "yes" to all of the following questions, then you can say "yes" to them.

Carpet Doctor answers "yes" to all of these questions:

  • Is the company fully insured?
  • Does the company use state of the art equipment?
  • Does the company use certified technicians?
  • Does the company respond to emergencies?
  • Does the company guarantee their work?
  • Does the company provide a full range of services?
  • Does the company provide the best possible turn-around time?
  • Are the company's employees professional and courteous?

We don't CUT corners, We CLEAN them!

5 Critical Characteristics to Demand From Your Carpet Cleaning Company in Rochester, NY...Does Yours Do These?

Characteristic #1: HOT WATER EXTRACTION
The most effective way to clean carpeting is injecting hot water (over 115 degrees F) and cleaning solution (low PH) under extreme pressure. According to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), for every 20 degrees increase in temperature above 115 degrees F, you double the cleaning ability of the water/cleaning solution. Most competitors clean at 153 - 158 degrees F. Carpet Doctor cleans at temperatures of 230 degrees F. In conclusion, our equipment allows us to clean 4 times better than our competition. This method of carpet cleaning gets rid of soil, dust mites, fungus and other harmful bacteria.

Characteristic #2: VACUUM SYSTEM
The HWE has a powerful vacuum system (Air Velocity of 16,000 feet per minute or equivalent to 200 MPH) to draw the dirty liquid solution away from the carpet and leave it damp to the touch. This vacuum system provides strong suction that takes away 96% of the moisture used in the cleaning operation. By removing virtually all of the water, rugs dry faster, typically in 8-10 hours. To speed up the drying process, even more, we use air movers (high-velocity fans) when completing each room.

Carpet Doctor's spray system hooks into the truck mount Hot Water Extractor (HWE). This works in conjunction with the pre-treatment, which allows you to penetrate and emulsify the deepest stains. Delivery 550-600 PSI at 720 degrees F, this pressurized spray system injects a pre-treatment agent that destroys the worst kind of soil. The carpet industry's largest carpet manufacturers, Mohawk, Shaw, and Milliken recommend Hot Water Extraction as the best way to clean their carpets. According to research by these manufacturers, HWE is the most effective way of cleaning their carpets.

By washing/rinsing with extremely hot water and vacuuming your carpet, we thoroughly and completely clean your carpet - much in the same way your dishwasher cleans your spoons, forks, and dishes.

  1. Wash @ very hot temperatures
  2. Rinse with hot water
  3. Convection air dry

Characteristic #4: CLEANING TECHNIQUE
The Carpet Doctor increases dry time of carpeting by using a 1x3 cleaning technique. This is when the technician makes a single cleaning pass, then 3 dry passes. The technician will vacuum the carpet 3 times for each single cleaning pass that is made.

Characteristic #5: IICRC CERTIFICATION
Your carpet cleaning company needs state of the art cleaning equipment, but that is only half of the equation. Having properly trained technicians, certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration) guarantees the carpet-cleaning employee has been properly trained and is skilled at operating the equipment. Before you have your carpets cleaned, ask for written proof of their IICRC certification or take note of the IICRC label on their uniform.

I am confident that we can provide you with the highest quality service in the carpet cleaning industry. There are thousands of satisfied customers that have been subjected to the Carpet Doctor experience. If references are necessary, I would be more than happy to provide them.

Again, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you and the possibility of providing your carpet cleaning needs.

Professional employees, certified technicians

Carpet Doctor uses technicians who hold the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Their employees are professionals - courteous, conscientious, and well trained. They take the time to do a thorough job.

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